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Life story of Mac Gober. Mac Gober grew up with an unholy appetite for violence and brutality. After a stormy adolescence, his unhappy family life drove him to military service in the jungles of Vietnam where he honed his skills in the fine arts of karate and getting stoned. Only an outlaw motorcycle gang provided enough camaraderie, cruelty and craziness to give Mac a sense of belonging. A craving for the "adrenaline high" of the biker lifestyle sent him roaring across America, leaving a trail of bruised, broken victims behind. Finally, his body reeking, his mind fried, his emotions twisted by paranoia and rage, Mac was headed for certain death. But then he had an encounter with another dying man. This One was hanging on a cross. And He loved Mac Gober - Just the way he was. This encounter changed Mac forever.

Unchained Book

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